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3dayShipping   climbingman3dayship Climbing Man 8.80849 | 4.5″W x 43″H x 6.25″Deep Chic-meets-industrial in this thought-provoking take on wall décor. Crafted in solid cast iron, the climbing man is a reminder of everyday triumphs and represents the rewards of working hard to get to that next level-be it in life, work, or passion. This piece goes beyond the confines of design, and seeks to inspire the viewer, acting as a visual reminder of the challenges life presents and the effort that it takes to overcome them. Hurricanes Twilight Hurricanes 6.60249 | 8.5″Dia. x 14.5″H 6.60248 | 10″Dia. x cialis 4 lü fiyat 22″H Hand Blown Smoked Glass With Decal Applied Platinum Rim Around Top Edge Malachite Malachite Drinking Glass D6.60027 | 3.75″Dia. x 4″H We fell in love with Malachite’s natural beauty. A coveted mineral this gem’s beautiful and striking striation effortlessly translates to design. First interpreted into textiles for a DwellStudio line, we love how this motif looks applied to a classic highball. LinkBunchingTable Link Bunching Table 7.90453 | 14″L x 14″W x 21″H Nothing puzzling about how fabulous our Link Bunching Tables are! On their own, or put together like a jigsaw puzzle, the tables are a great conversation piece for any room and a clever way to utilize the smallest of spaces. WallDiver Wall Diver 8.81261 | 10.25″W x 9″H x 4″Deep The strength and grace of the human form is beautifully captured in the iron Wall Diver – floating effortlessly and confidently towards his goal. Cover an entire wall to create a stunning design splash, or purpose a single figure as a holder for jewelry or guest towels. In any environment, the Wall Diver adds a dynamic sculptural element that will always score a perfect ten!
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