Welcoming Julia Buckingham


Global Views Welcomes Interior Designer Julia Buckingham to Designer Roster

Extensive Furniture and Accessories Collection for the Entire Home Debuts Fall 2015

DALLAS (September 16, 2014) – Global Views is pleased to announce that interior designer Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Interiors + Design has been added to their roster of noted designers. Julia Buckingham for Global Views is a collection for the entire home where Buckingham used her expertise in 20th century design and antiques to create a contemporary yet heirloom-inspired line that complements Global Views’ clean, globally influenced aesthetic. Product will debut in Fall 2015.

Staying true to her signature Modernique® style, in her new Global Views product, Buckingham seamlessly blends furniture and fixtures from the past with those of today for interiors that convey a warm and energetic style, all with a timeless quality. Buckingham utilizes rich colors, soothing neutrals, and both rustic and refined finishes for a collection that will include lighting fixtures, accessories, rugs, accent pillows, furniture and decorative tabletop pieces. All pieces are inspired by Julia’s world travels and experiences to create a look as though they were collected over many years and well-suited for any 21st-century style either contemporary or traditional. The colorful, multi-layered and texturally rich collection will bring a refreshing combination of antiques, artifacts and modern sensibility to Global Views.

Buckingham not only finds inspiration in her own personal collection of antiques and vintages pieces, but from fashion, with nearly every detail in the collection resonating with pieces from vintage or contemporary fashion houses like Chanel, Balenciaga and Hermes. Buckingham also draws influence from around the world including American Indian Heritage in the American Southwest, flea markets like Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen in France and the timeless color combinations found throughout Spanish history.

“My collection [for Global Views] is inspired by all those wonderful items that I’ve found over the years, with the look and feel that it was a lifetime in the making,” explained Buckingham. “I am thrilled to be a part of the Global Views family as they are uniquely positioned to bring my collection to life.”

“Julia’s personal style and take on interior design makes her the perfect partner for Global Views. She is fresh, excited, and relevant to this moment. I am so pleased that we have her style and substance coming into our line in the near future,” said Global Views founder and CEO David Gebhart. “I believe customers, both interior designers and retailers, will be blown away by her personality as it shines through in her designs for us. I cannot wait to get her designs into the hands of our artisans around the globe. I’m sure that the results will be awe inspiring.”

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About Global Views

Global Views, an award winning industry leader in home decor, brings timeless and original designs to the marketplace with pieces that are elegant, exotic, refined and casual. Leading edge design and the highest standards of quality are evident in each of more than 2,500 existing pieces. Each item is carefully selected to work in any décor and accommodate a wide array of design sensibilities. Globally influenced, products are crafted by artisan partners all over the world, and designed in-house and through partnerships with DwellStudio, Julia Buckingham, Barbara Barry and WILLIAMSBURG. Founded in Dallas in 1997, the company has showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, High Point, Las Vegas and New York.

About Julia Buckingham

As an interior designer and dealer specializing in 20th century design and antiques Julia Buckingham is right on target to cater to how people live today. With her signature style called Modernique®, Julia seamlessly blends furniture and fixtures from the past with those of today for interiors that convey a warm and energetic style, all with a timeless quality.

Since opening her design studio Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC in 2007, Julia has enjoyed national recognition as a tastemaker and color expert throughout the design industry. Based in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ, Julia is in demand as a trendsetter and contributes to Traditional Home magazine’s Color Master Classes.  Her interiors and showroom have been featured in publications including Elle Décor, Traditional Home, Luxe, Rue Magazine, Lonny, Chicago Home & Garden and CS Interiors, and Chicago Tribune Home Magazine to name a few.

Julia is also a regular contributor to the interior design blog Material Girls where she offers tips and advice on the latest trends and fashions for the home.

For more info please contact:

Mfa, Ltd. (212) 528-1691

Prerana Swami, pswami@mfaltd.com





It’s no secret that a great deal of the Studio A line is inspired by the rich, beautiful culture of India. In fact, many pieces are authentic Indian antiques – one-of-a-kind artifacts found all throughout the country. Each are essentially small pieces of history and every one has a fascinating story to tell. For this post, we’d love to share the story of our Tiffin Boxes with you. Mumbai DabbawalaPhoto: Prashant Godbole and Rahul Dacunha via facebook.com/MumbaiDabbawala Tiffin boxes are used widely in India for carrying meals, much like a lunch box or a bento box. A typical tiffin box is made up of two to four compartments, all stacked together and held in place by a single latched handle. There is a strong preference for home cooked meals over going out to eat in many parts of India, making the tiffin box an especially useful household item and a staple in most workplace lunchrooms. IMG-4659Photo: Meena Kadri via worksthatwork.com/1/dabbawallas In fact, the desire for a hot, homemade lunch is so popular that there is an entire delivery system in the city of Mumbai devoted to the lunchtime delivery of homemade meals. Enter the Mumbai Dabbawalas. This incredible team is made up of roughly 5,000 deliverymen (or Dabbawalas) who deliver approximately 200,000 tiffin boxes (or dabbas) each and every day, rain or shine. That alone is no small
feat. But when you consider the fact that each dabba is picked up directly from the customer’s home, delivered to the workplace by 1pm (its delicious contents still fresh and warm), then picked back up and returned to its respective household by 6pm… it’s borderline miraculous. SetWidth1200-lucafabbozzo-highcontrastPhoto: Meena Kadri via worksthatwork.com/1/dabbawallas The Mumbai Dabbawalas have been recognized all over the world for their strong work ethic and brilliant delivery system, dating back 125 years. Accurate, punctual, and efficient, the Dabbawalas continue to play a huge role in the Mumbai way of life and will likely remain a major part of Indian culture for some time to come. 483590_352508361536528_983064574_nPhoto: Prashant Godbole and Rahul Dacunha via facebook.com/MumbaiDabbawala As you can see in the photos above, tiffin boxes have evolved over time and now come in many different shapes and sizes. Modern tiffin boxes are typically made of stainless steel or plastic and are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. Although you can now find a dabba for just about any taste, none compare to our antique brass Tiffin Boxes. These vintage beauties are a charming nod to the past and each have their own unique story… no two are alike. As functional as they are beautiful, they are an ideal vessel for office supplies and can turn the simplest bouquet of flowers into something special. Whether being re-purposed or standing alone, they are a wonderful conversation piece for your home. 7.90213 ~Tiffin Box (hi-res) Get the Look… Studio A Tiffin Box (sizes will vary) (There are many more Studio A artifacts where those came from! Discover them here!)

BANISH THE BORING DESK (A Stylish Organizing Solution, Part 2)

With summer vacation season just around the corner, could there be a better time to get that paper pile back under control? The time is now, friends. A messy, disorganized workspace can be a major source of anxiety and, let’s all face it, we just can’t take much more! On the other hand, a bare desk can be dull and uninspiring. The last thing you want to come back to after a relaxing week spent sailing the Mediterranean (just a little wishful thinking) is that stressful and/or boring workspace. Combat the clutter and amp up the creativity with these simple, stylish organizing solutions.


First things first, get rid of any unnecessary items. That plastic 7-Eleven cup housing those last three pieces of seven-month-old Halloween candy? Yeah, get rid of that. It can be tough to let go of things you’re accustomed to seeing every day, especially if they’re even the least bit sentimental, but this step is important. So take a moment to say your goodbyes and then… just let it go. After freeing yourself of the nonessentials, it’s time to regroup. Organizing the remaining items in your workspace into various categories, keeping like with like, will make it easier to locate those things in the future. desk1 Next, you’ll want to focus on accessibility and workflow. Consider your daily routine and determine which things you use most often. Those are the things you’ll want to keep within easy reach; everything else can be stored within drawers and cabinets. Do you find that your desk feels cluttered because of a bunch of loose items? Contain them. If everything has a home you’ll be much more likely to return things to their designated spot rather than letting it all pile up together. Bonus: This is the perfect opportunity to throw in a little style and character. Beautiful boxes, sleek trays, even test tubes! All become handy, handsome storage solutions for those papers, pens, and paperclips.


After all is said and done, evaluate the situation. This should be an ongoing process. Over time, you may find that you are constantly needing to move that one box out of the way to make room for drafting and drawing. Just go ahead and move it permanently, leaving that area clear. Your new setup should be functional and flexible above all. Keep it fresh by consistently getting rid of the old and making space for the new. Change is a good thing and your workspace will most certainly benefit from it.

Get the look…

Studio A Chiseled Bone Collection

DwellStudio by Global Views Hedgehog Box

Studio A Threaded Flower Tubes

Studio A Twig Balls

DwellStudio by Global Views Triangle Stripe Boxes

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DOLLED UP DIVERS (A Stylish Organizing Solution)

We all love a little organization in our lives, right? Whether you’re considered a regular at The Container Store or you thrive on the “organized chaos” that others often misinterpret as a mess (it’s OK, they just don’t understand your system), we can all agree that a little organization goes a long way! For this very reason, we decided to come up with a few fashionably functional organizing solutions that you can utilize in your own home or office (or in a client’s). First on the list? Let’s straighten up that tangled mess of a jewelry collection! testMESS For this task, we went straight to Natalie Spencer, fashion accessory connoisseur and one of the newest members of our Hospitality Design team. If there’s not a color in Natalie’s extensive jewelry collection, then it doesn’t exist. We knew this, combined with her exceptional organizational skills and an eye for design, meant that she would have a brilliant solution for organizing accessories. And she delivered. testCLOSEUP Behold the Wall Divers… modern and sculptural, these divers act as an art statement while also providing the perfect landing spot for all of your baubles and bangles. We especially love that this organizational solution lets you put all of your beautiful pieces on display. As Natalie says, “Your home accessories are like sisters to your fashion accessories. They complement each other and love to play dress up together!” testMAIN Organized necklaces not really your concern? As you can see, the divers are perfect for hanging all sorts of other things… think bags, scarves, coats, towels. The list goes on and on. What do you think? How could you use the divers to stay organized?   Get the look… Global Views Wall Diver  

FLORAL DESIGN 101 (Valentine’s Day Edition)


Over the next couple of days, florists around the world will be churning out copious amounts of rose-filled arrangements for the thousands upon thousands of hopeless romantics looking to win hearts this Valentine’s Day. We’re still big fans of the way fresh flowers say “I love you,” and we’re certainly not over the idea of showing love and affection with a beautiful bouquet. But if the thought of spending half of your paycheck on a dozen red roses has you feeling nauseous, or if you’re simply looking for something a little more personal, you’re not alone. We think we just might be able to help.

With a growing interest in the art of flower arranging and the increasing popularity of all things DIY, we’ve been inspired to create a series of “Floral Design 101” posts, starting with a couple of very Valentine’s Day-friendly arrangements. For this first post, we turned to Seth Vaughn, a brilliant member of our multitalented design team (the same team responsible for all of the fabulous floral in our showrooms each market). Below are his two swoon-worthy creations, along with all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to make a romantic arrangement of your own.

Arrangement #1


The Tools:

We chose to use a small compote for this arrangement, inspiring a more traditional, English garden-style design. You can use a vase or an urn of a similar size. You’ll want to make sure that your vessel of choice is watertight. If you are using floral foam (we do use Oasis for this arrangement), be sure that your container is opaque. Finally, you’ll need a pair of floral shears or sharp scissors and a pitcher of clean water.

The Composition:

For this arrangement, choose 4-5 flowers of various shapes, sizes and textures. It is important to have variety in shape and texture to insure that your arrangement maintains visual interest. If you are new to floral design, it is typically best to start with a monochromatic composition by using flowers that are various shades of a single color. This will keep the arrangement from looking too busy. We chose the five flowers below, all in different shades of pink.


The Process:

When starting an arrangement, begin by using the tallest pieces to establish height and create a frame for the others. (A general rule is to keep the tallest stems at roughly 1 1/2 times the height of the vessel.) Next you’ll want to add in a few of your “face” flowers, the especially beautiful blooms that will act as focal points. From there, you’ll slowly fill in with other pieces, closing in gaps and creating shape. It’s important to step back now and again to evaluate shape and size, making sure that you don’t overfill the arrangement.

GV Floral DIY

Arrangement #2


The Tools:

For the second arrangement, we chose a taller, slimmer glass vase. When using a clear vessel, it’s especially important that you are using clean, clear water. And again, you’ll need a good pair of scissors or floral shears.

The Composition:

We kept this arrangement fairly minimal, using only 4 different pieces. Because of the tall, slender shape of the vase, it was important to choose something that would cascade down the sides nicely, as well as something that would provide some height for balance. Another thing to consider when choosing floral is longevity. Certain flowers will last much longer than others, so if the shelf life of the arrangement is important to you, be sure to choose flowers that will hold up (such as the Protea and Genestra used in this arrangement). Again, keeping the color scheme fairly simple insures that all of the different flowers will blend beautifully together.


The Process:

Despite the difference in shape and composition, the process is very much the same. Start with the highest and, in this case, lowest pieces, creating a frame to work with. Start light… get your big hits in first (the “face” flowers) and then fill in with the others. When using a clear vase, it’s important to clean the stems well, removing all of the leaves and smaller stems that will be below water. This not only keeps the arrangement looking neat, but also keeps the water clean and prevents rotting. After the arrangement is complete, it’s best to keep it well hydrated and away from any direct sun.

STA Floral DIY

Whether you’re hoping to impress the love of your life, or simply looking to do something special for a dear friend (or yourself!), we hope this little how-to has been helpful and inspiring! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get the look…

Global Views Loop De Loop Compote

Global Views S/5 Mini Chinoise Vases

Studio A Alabastron Granilla Vase

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10, 9, 8, 7… Here comes 2014! Are you ready for the countdown? We’ve rounded up a couple of top-notch cocktail recipes that would be perfect for any New Year’s Eve celebration. Whether you’re planning an over-the-top soiree or an intimate night in, these drinks will have you covered when it comes time to toast the new year. So, raise your glass and ring it in! gv1 Spiced Cranberry Spritzers (Recipe yields 6 spritzers) Ingredients: 2/3 cup pure unsweetened cranberry juice (not juice cocktail) 1/2 cup granulated sugar 4 whole star anise 12 whole allspice 750 mL bottle Prosecco or dry white sparkling wine 12 ounces club soda fresh cranberries and star anise, for garnish (optional) Directions: In a small saucepan, combine cranberry juice, sugar, star anise, and allspice. Bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat; cover and let steep for 15 minutes. Transfer to heatproof container, cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 3 days, until ready to use. Pour chilled cranberry syrup into a large pitcher. Carefully pour in Prosecco down the side of the pitcher (which will preserve the bubbles), and gently stir until combined. Fill glasses with ice. Pour cranberry/Prosecco mixture over ice, top with club soda to taste. Garnish with fresh cranberries and star anise for a festive look. Cheers! Recipe adapted from Love & Olive Oil gv2 Get the look… DwellStudio by Global Views Gold Ribbons Drinking Glass Global Views Sleek Deco Tray (Check out more fabulous barware by Global Views HERE!) studioa1 Winter Pear Martini (Recipe yields 1 martini) Ingredients: 1/4 Asian pear, cubed 3 whole green cardamom, pods discarded and seeds lightly crushed 1/2 oz lemon juice 1-1/2 oz good quality vodka 3/4 oz pear liqueur 1/4 oz Clear Creek Distillery Douglas Fir Eau de Vie 1 pear wheel and rosemary sprig, for garnish (optional) Directions: Combine pear cubes and cardamom seeds in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add lemon juice and muddle well to fully combine and break down the pear. Next add in ice about 2/3 up the way of the mixing glass. Pour in vodka, pear liqueur, and fir eau de vie. Shake to fully combine, about 20 seconds. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with a pear wheel skewered with rosemary sprig and enjoy! Recipe adapted from Stir and Strain studioa2 Get the look… Studio A Lab Martini Glasses Studio A Champagne Silver Leaf Tray (Find more fabulous Studio A barware HERE!)

Mmmmerry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve! Time to eat, drink, and be merry with family and friends in anticipation of one of the most celebrated days of the year. Although we’re all sure to have our fill of various cookies and candies over the next couple of days, nothing says Christmas quite like the sweet taste of homemade fudge.


This rich, smooth, chocolatey confection is a holiday staple that is perfect for sharing (if you can resist the urge to keep it all for yourself) and you can make it in no time with Frederick’s foolproof recipe below!


Try it out and let us know what you think! We hope you have a very merry Christmas!


Frederick’s Chocolate Fudge
4 ½ cups sugar 

1 ½ sticks butter 

1 – 12 oz. can evaporated milk 

2 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips 

1 – 7 oz. marshmallow crème 

1 ½ cups chopped pecans 

1 teaspoon vanilla
Combine sugar, butter, and evaporated milk in a heavy bottom pan. Heat until boiling stirring constantly, continue cooking for 4 ½ minutes. Remove from heat stir in chocolate chips and marshmallow crème stirring vigorously until melted. Beat with an electric hand mixer or by hand until slightly thickened and very creamy. Add the pecans and vanilla stirring well. Cool in pan until lukewarm then pour into a buttered dish, allow to cool completely before cutting.



With only a little more than a week to wrap up that Christmas shopping list, we figured we’d offer a little last-minute inspiration with another fabulous gift guide! This one’s for all of those décor-savvy folks on your list… the self-proclaimed decorista, the friend who changes his living room layout seemingly once every other month, the sister who reupholsters her dining room chairs twice a year. We’re all familiar with the type. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that this particular gift guide will inspire a personal wish list for many of us!


1. Luxe Gold Leaf Boxes – Studio A

2. Urchins – DwellStudio by Global Views

3. Candlesticks

– Studio A

4. Ginkgo Leaf Objet – Global Views

5. Chrysanthemum T-Lite Holders – Global Views

6. Triangle Stripe Box – DwellStudio by Global Views

7. Tubular Burst Sculpture – DwellStudio by Global Views

P.S. You can always search for a local retailer by using our handy-dandy store locator!